London‘s where my heart lives

With these words Bill Bryson tells the truth from the bottom of my heart — actually there is nothing to add then…

Since I want you to understand my love for London I assembled numerous hints and photos on the following sites with which I would like to introduce you to my favourite city.

Apart from the well-known classical categories sight seeing, shopping and hotels,, I added my preferred locations to the section of Ela‘s London. Furthermore London offers a wide range of real treasures which I do not want hide from you.

The XXX. Olympic Summer Games and the XIV. Paralympic Summer Games, which both took place in Eastern London in summer 2012 are part of my personal London highlights.

In order to give you the most possible real presentation of what expects you in London I supplemented all descriptions with many photos.

London is much prettier and more interesting than Paris
and more lively than any city except New York.
And even New York cannot compete
with the British metropolis in many important things.

London has a richer history, prettier parks,
a more vivid and varied press, better theatres,
more orchestras and museums, greener places, safer streets
and more polite inhabitants than all other cities in the world.
(free translation)
Bill Bryson
”Tales from a small island” (1995)

Happy New Year 2016!

Congratulations Will & Kate!