Highlands, Lowlands, Lochs, Glens & Bens

It was love at first sight! The landscape is magnificent, people are very friendly and obliging, the cities are versatile, the traditional food is extraodinary and the alcohol is excellent!

I only had a few days on my first Scotland trip but I had a very full schedule. I had to decide: Will I visit the Isle of Skye or Loch Ness? Will I dicsover Oban or Stirling? Will I explore Glasgow or follow the Temple knights to Rosslyn Chapel? Not any easy choice at all.

But daytrips by bus make it possible for all Scotland-beginners to reach a nice variety of destinations in limited time.


Scottish Encounter

A week in Scotland in autumn 2008 – and I fell for it completely!

A gorgeous landscape, very lovely people, vivid history at every corner and much more.

And now I even became a Lady of Lochaber with my own piece of land. Yes, I am crazy! Who cares?!

My iternary:

Volunteer at the Commonwealth Games

There is a major sports event planned on my fav iland for which they look for volunteers? Precisly in Scotland? Of course I took the chance and applied…