There’s is no other city like Vienna – the emperor’s home


Only two short city trips and I was caught! You instantly feel very welcome in Vienna: so many historical buidlings, real traditions, socialbility, lots of kitsch, wonderful parks and gardens, numerous churches – not to mention the museums. Vienna is also world famous for being a city of musical theatre.

staatsoperAmong the big names who lived in Vienna is the empress Elisabeth, better known as Sisi, Friedensreich Hundertwasser shaped the city with his unique buildings and Falco still is one of Austria‘s most famous musicians.

I was more than impressed by all that and I‘m already planning my next trip to this beautiful city.

Wien, Wien – nur Du allein

If you like arts and culture like I do, you‘ll never get bored in Vienna.

From phantastic museums, brilliant musicals, unique concerts, palaces, castles and uncountable richly decorated churches – one visit is not enough for all that!

My personal highlights are:

  • the national library
  • the castle garden
  • the Raimund and Ronacher Theatres
  • the cemetary
  • the museums
  • the coffee houses