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Docklands & Thames Barrier

Beschreibung des Docklands – Manhattan on Thames Walks, den ich im Oktober 2006 gemacht habe (an der Thames Barrier war ich im September 2005):

Go and see! But be prepared to have your ammeter spiked. Because this is the most extraordinary letter in London’s alphabet. It’s London’s Gold Coast…Wall Street on Water: a riverscape where you walk into another dimension altogether. There are places here that are pungent with the past, nooks and crannies where time flows backward. Flows backward…and then ricohets into the fireworks of a futuristic London. Here we see this time-honoured city reinventing itself…for this is cutting-edge, kaleidoscopic London. Right from the word go. Which is why we boot up this walk by meeting you at Canary Wharf tube stop…cathedral-like, luminous, magnificent, it’s the crown jewel of London’s Underground stations. And that’s just the curtain raiser! In short, this place means business. Here 21st century power and energy are made visible and tangible. No wonder Docklands outguns just about any other place in London.

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