Cats can enrich your life

Without my tomcats Rocky & Mowgli I am not complete! They already accompany me a notable part of my life and I cannot imagine living without them…

Both of them are black-white house cats, who like to annoy their mistress very often. If I would like to sleep a bit longer at the weekend, you can be sure that a heart-tearing up meow-concert will take place outside my bedroom – of course my pussies want to snuggle down in my bed, too.
And if I dare to come home late at night, I can be certain, that my apartment has undergone some decorating variations.

Rocky became 16 1/2 years and was my „Ossi“-Cat since he comes from the area of Magdeburg (in eastern Germany). He got his name because he knew ,already as a baby, how to make trouble and let dance people to his tune. Since 23rd November 2010 he is playing with the angels.

Mowgli also became only 16 1/2 years. Another name was quite impossible (although there was a nice choice of names like Skimble or Tugger) as he was cross-eyed like Mowgli in Disney’s Jungle Book when he was a kitten. In the mean time he was looking straight and the little – extremely Michaela-fixed – cat enjoyed me with eating with the paws (instead of directly with his mouth) or minute-long running in circle and hunting his own tail…

Since April 18, 2013 he is having fun again with Rocky, Monkey and his brethren Gato and Neko. I am sure the pussy cats are having a great time.